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Stephanie Schonhiutt Lorain, OH
's Earned: 225,112

One word could never sum up the GamerGreen company. Awesome isn't even good enough. GG is an outstanding company who's awesome, cool, cares about their customers around the nation, and offers claw machine perks as added bonuses, and so much more. I can't remember one time I have been rewarded for playing claw machines in my life until this reward program. This is all to due to an amazing company aka GamerGreen. I already love Sugarloaf/National Entertainment Network's claw machines because they're 100% skill based and fair. However, now there's added perks to choose from a huge array of prizes shipped free to your door. The GG redemption catalog has something for any age. 🙂 That's what I love the most. I've redeemed for great prizes so far from a back massage cushion, amazing random plush, and handheld video games. The possibilities are endless when you set a goal and have fun clawing along the way. I'm proud to represent such a wonderful company. In conclusion, I honestly feel double rewarded each time I play and win the plush with codes. Get double rewarded today by winning plush and score codes on most plush.   I love you GG!!!! You're the best thing since ever! Good luck everyone on your GamerGreen prize goals!

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