August GamerGreen Gamer of the Month: The Arcade Dad

//August GamerGreen Gamer of the Month: The Arcade Dad

August GamerGreen Gamer of the Month: The Arcade Dad


Hello GamerGreen friends, please meet The Arcade Dad!

The Arcade Dad joined the GamerGreen Ambassador Program in 2018, after joining the GamerGreen fam in 2017. The Arcade Dad has THE BIGGEST plush collection we’ve ever seen, and the kick-butt YouTube Channel to back it up! (We recommend you follow him right now.) We’ve gotten to hang with The Arcade Dad during Ambassador Meetings and we can confidently say he is one of the coolest arcade players out there.

Here’s what The Arcade Dad had to say about GamerGreen:

There are many reasons that I love GamerGreen. I love making GamerGreen claw machine videos for The Arcade Dad YouTube channel as well as having the ability to go to a claw machine and win a plush out of it and as an added bonus, get a code to redeem for G Tickets on the website for prizes. It is the coolest thing!

I like redeeming my G-Tickets for fun stuff like the bag of poop. Funniest thing I have receive in the mail in a long time.

Currently I am saving up to get the Coffee Makes me Poop Coffee Mug to use while I am at work to help make people laugh throughout the day.

I am having a Blast as a GamerGreen Ambassador. Being able to work with an awesome group of people that love claw machines and GamerGreen is an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it as long as I can!

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