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GamerGreen is a mobile application-based loyalty program that is integrated with traditional amusement vending including: bulk, plush, merchandiser products, redemption games and more. Consumers earn G-Tickets by collecting codes found on the products and through redemption games. They save up their G-Tickets and redeem for real world prizes that are then shipped directly to them.

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When your customers are incentivized with G-Tickets, they're 70% more likely to return to your location than traditional amusement vending.

Be More Relevant & Drive
More Traffic to Your Business

Helping Operators and Locations Solve Business Objectives

Increased Machine Yields

Incremental Sales

Increase revenue by shifting market share from competitors. GamerGreen also motivates new customers to visit your location(s) and encourages current customers to play more frequently.

Increased Cost Per Pay

Protect Margins

Drive sales without incurring additional product expenses. Reduce expenditures associated with product rotation.

Increased Repeat Visits

Product Awareness

Inform customers of new product launches. Motivate customers by educating on current and new products and campaigns.

Location Finder

Location-Based Marketing

Mobile app allows customers to easily find GamerGreen locations. Drive customers by utilizing location services for marketing opportunities to GamerGreen enabled locations.

Vending Products & Unattended Game Rooms

Take your locations to the next level!



We have partnered with A&A Global to offer a complete GamerGreen product offering that includes bulk merchandise, plush, handing merchandisers and more. Click here to see the complete A&A GamerGreen product Offering.


We have developed “micro FEC” solutions. Through a bolt-on solution or a card system, we now offer a full redemption experience without the expense of employees or prize inventory. We have partnered with Amusement Connect to provide a low cost card solution for your small to medium-sized game rooms. No need for a prize vending machine, prize counter, redemption prizes or added employees – we’ve got you covered!


Average age of GamerGreen members.

When behavior is encouraged, the consumer returns to your locations.

The World’s Largest Amusement Vending Platform

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Gamers Online


Prizes Redeemed

Hundreds Of Prizes

When you integrate GamerGreen into your locations, your customers get access to a wide range of prizes - and YOU become the incentive. (At no additional cost!)

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Average monthly repeat visitors to locations.

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