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When your customers are incentivized with G-Tickets, they're 70% more likely to return to your location than traditional amusement vending.

The Demand for a Universal Currency

When you become part of a larger network,
you gain (and retain) loyal customers.


Identify New &
Returning Customers

Location Check-in
Drives Repeat Visits

Geo Targeting:
Get Found!


Branded Messaging

Updated Prizes

Short Term
Return on Investment

More features. (The opportunities are endless!)


Prize Fulfillment


Social Sharing

Remarketing Opportunities

Co-Branded Coupons

Email Notifications

Custom Campaigns

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When behavior is encouraged, user returns to the store.

Limitless Rewards

When you integrate our networked loyalty program, your customers get access to a wide range of prizes - and YOU become the incentive.

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