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Great News!

We’ve integrated GamerGreen G-Tickets with some really awesome arcade games. This means you can now win GamerGreen G-Tickets after playing games like Down the Clown, Hammerhead, and Flappy Bird. After you’ve played and totally rocked the high score, these arcade games will print out a QR Code full of G-Tickets. Simply click “Scan Code” inside the GamerGreen App, and use your phone’s camera to scan the ticket printed at the arcade. Your G-Tickets will automatically be added to your account, which you can use in the GamerGreen Store immediately.

Bonus! We’ll alert you when new GamerGreen driven arcade games are added to your area.

*Please note, this scanner will only work if you’ve gotten a code out of one of the GamerGreen driven arcade games.

Running on device other than iPhone/iPad.