Do Good Things Week 2018

//Do Good Things Week 2018

Do Good Things Week 2018

Do Good Things And Win

This week we encourage you to do something good for someone else. And when you do, we want to REWARD you for being a part of #GGShareTheLove!

The first 100 will WIN a #GGShareTheLove tee.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Film your #GGShareTheLove action.
  2. Post it to YouTube.
  3. Send us the link via Facebook Message.
  4. We’ll mail you a tee.

Earn G-Tickets All Week

Here’s how it works:

  1. Film Yourself or take a photo on the spot of you “Doing Good” for your community or family.
  2. Post the photo or video and tag us on Twitter @realgamergreen, Instagram @realgamergreen or Facebook
  3. Use #GGShareTheLove
  4. We’ll send you G-Tickets as a “Thank You” for being a good human!
  5. If your profile is private, we won’t be able to see your post. ? So, be sure to make your profile public until we can get you G-Tickets!

There is NO LIMIT to the number of times you can enter. We’ll award each person up to 5,000 G-Tickets for doing good. We will also spotlight the most creative and most helpful people on our own social media ALL WEEK! So, get your thinking cap on and open up your heart as much as possible this week, and you’ll see yourself on GamerGreen social media!

*Do Good Things G-Tickets are subject to approval by GamerGreen

Get Started

Here’s are a few ideas for you to get started with Do Good Things Week and #GGShareTheLove:

Bake cookies for someone you love.
Give away a surprise plush. 
Tell random people you love them.
Do 5 nice things for your Mom (she deserves it).
Help a neighbor in the yard.
Serve at a homeless shelter.
Do a 5k for a good cause.
Help at a veterinarian office.
Pick up litter on the beach.
Let someone go in front of you in line.
Give a stranger a compliment.
Insert coins into someone’s parking meter.
Leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars.
Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you.
Write letters to soldiers.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media and use the #GGShareTheLove hashtag.


Digital prizes such as instant downloads and charitable donations will continue to be offered. Any prize orders will be held in a queue until we are back fulfilling. We feel this is the most responsible decision we can make at this time to serve both our people, this industry, and our community.
For the past 6 years, GamerGreen has served the beloved community, and we acknowledge the almost instant pains that we are all, globally, feeling. The GamerGreen family, including its parent company Bay Tek Entertainment, will take this time to focus on our loved ones, the health of our people and of our business in order to come back when we’re ready to start playing again.
Until then, please stay healthy, stay focused, take time to find the light, and never stop #GGShareTheLove!
Running on device other than iPhone/iPad.