I won a few prizes out of one of your machines and one of them didn’t have a code, why is that?

Not all of the prizes in Sugarloaf machines have our codes yet. They are slowly being added as new merchandise is added to certain machines across the country.

Shipping Redeemed Products

Our shipping times vary from 5 to 15 business days. If you have not received your product(s) after 3 weeks, please contact us.

What are the differences between GamerGreen prizes in the claw machine?

The differences in prizes you’ll win out of the claw machine are as follows:

Prize Pagoda: Inside the Prize Pagoda you will find one of two types of coins.

  • Silver Coin: Worth 1,000 G-Tickets
  • Gold Coin: Worth 5,000 G-Tickets

Gold Coins are harder to find and are much more rare, but they’re out there! Every machine is stocked with a Gold Coin.

Luck of the Claw: Inside a Luck of the Claw pillowbox you will find a playing card with a GamerGreen code on it worth 2,000 G-Tickets

Plush Tags: Select machines have scratch-off codes attached to plush tags that are worth 1,000 G-Tickets.

What’s the Goal Keeper in app?

The Goal Keeper is a spot for you to select the prize you are working for. Just click the button, or browse the store and click the blue “add to goal keeper” button and as Matt3756 says – shabang! It’s displayed as your goal.

What’s up with the Daily Challenge in app?

The Daily Challenge is a mini game that you play for free where you earn G-Tickets for your accomplishments. You will be able to play to earn tickets!

The game timer will reset every 4 hours. Keep an eye out for different mini games!

Why do Prize Pagoda posters have different prices on them?

In July 2015, the value of the G-Tickets changed across all GamerGreen products and prizes.

Here’s the breakdown on how we’ve changed the value of the G-Tickets:
1 G-Ticket = 1,000 G-Tickets
So, whatever number of G-Tickets you had in your wallet have been multiplied by 1,000! Items in the GamerGreen Store have also been altered to reflect this change.

There may be some old print/posters that reflect single digit G-Ticket amounts. These posters and other print materials are out of date.