What are the differences between GamerGreen prizes in the claw machine? 2017-12-01T16:55:46-07:00

The differences in prizes you’ll win out of the claw machine are as follows:

Prize Pagoda: Inside the Prize Pagoda you will find one of two types of coins.

  • Silver Coin: Worth 1,000 G-Tickets
  • Gold Coin: Worth 5,000 G-Tickets

Gold Coins are harder to find and are much more rare, but they’re out there! Every machine is stocked with a Gold Coin.

Luck of the Claw: Inside a Luck of the Claw pillowbox you will find a playing card with a GamerGreen code on it worth 2,000 G-Tickets

Plush Tags: Select machines have scratch-off codes attached to plush tags that are are up to max 2,500 G-Tickets.

Running on device other than iPhone/iPad.