What Is GamerGreen®? 2019-11-26T10:31:40-08:00

GamerGreen® was founded on the belief that the traditional way of being rewarded for playing games does not provide the best consumer experience (play games, win tickets, get a junky prize and go home). We are on a mission to disrupt the traditional! We believe by not closing the loop on the game play (getting the junky prize) encourages repeat play and therefore allowing the player to get some really cool stuff.

GamerGreen® is simple: Download the app on Android or iOS, click the location finder on the map to play GamerGreen® enabled claw and arcade games in your neighborhood (the map shows 25 miles around you), play those games and win GamerGreen® currency – we call it G-Tickets. Save this G-Tickets up for hundreds of cool prizes that you’ll find in our store (present icon in the app) and then we ship the prizes right to your door!

You deserve more value in your game play! Demand GamerGreen® in locations you love. Don’t forget to call us our on social and use the hashtag #IWantMyGamerGreen

Running on device other than iPhone/iPad.

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