Find GamerGreen Codes in NEN’s Prize Pagoda

//Find GamerGreen Codes in NEN’s Prize Pagoda

Find GamerGreen Codes in NEN’s Prize Pagoda


Where can I find GamerGreen codes?

This may be a question you are asking yourself after having found us on Facebook or heard about our awesome new rewards program online. Right now, GamerGreen codes are exclusive to National Entertainment Network (NEN) claw machines in the Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri inside a claw machine called Prize Pagoda.

Prize Pagoda Machine

What’s Prize Pagoda?

Prize Pagoda is a specialty claw machine that comes from the creative minds at NEN and combines the fun of a mystery prize with the double reward of a GamerGreen code. When you find a Prize Pagoda machine, you’ll see some wicked art as well as a bunch of Chinese food takeout boxes. Inside these boxes are Prize Pagoda coins with GamerGreen redemption codes on them.

What’s inside Prize Pagoda?

When you play the Prize Pagoda claw machine, you will win either a silver Prize Pagoda coin or a Gold Prize Pagoda coin. Gold coins are worth a lot more than the silver coins, so do your best to grab up a takeout container with a gold coin! What makes Prize Pagoda the most fun claw machine out there is the mystery of not knowing which coin you’ll get when you win a mystery take out box.


Where are Prize Pagoda claw machines?

Right now, there are Prize Pagoda machines and machines with GamerGreen codes attached to tags in Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

In Spring 2015, we are expanding to more machines in more cities in the states already listed. These machines will be Prize Pagoda machines as well as regular claw machines in which fuzzy prizes will have a GamerGreen code attached to the tag of the toy.

In Summer 2015, we’ll be expanding the GamerGreen code outreach to additional states. When you create an account with GamerGreen, we will do our best to keep you updated on where you can find GamerGreen codes so you can win more prizes!

Happy clawing!

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