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GamerGreen Gift Guide: Dad

The GamerGreen Shop is the perfect place to purchase gifts for your loved ones this holiday season!

Here are our favorite ways to use G-Tickets on gifts for your Dad!

Pocket Sized Dad Jokes

When you need genius jokes at the ready, have this handy.

Make sure you’re always prepared to torment an unsuspecting audience with this 4×6″ family-friendly pocket-sized joke book!

Full of some of the most hilariously awful dad jokes known to man, this book will be sure to leave your friends and family confused about whether they should laugh or groan!




Eagle Eye 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Perfect for a few days inside.

This Eagle-filled puzzle is the perfect way to spend time with Dad over the holidays. The completed puzzle will of course, need to be put in a frame to go in Dad’s office!




Arguing VG Controller & TV Remote Pillow Case

This is for the Dads who love playing video games as well as a good dad joke.

You don’t control me!






Green Lava Lamp

This Lava Lamp will take your Dad back to the 70’s so fast!

An excellent addition to any office or Man Cave, the lava lamp is a classic Dad gift.







Metal Detector

Sure it can detect metal, but what about sarcasm?

This rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions. What better gift can you get the Dad who has everything? 

Send him on an adventure with his metal detector, and maybe he’ll find something nice for you!


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