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GamerGreen Gift Guide: Mom

The GamerGreen Shop is the perfect place to purchase gifts for your loved ones this holiday season!

Oh, how we love our Mothers! We love them very much. But even though they are our favorite people in the world, they are often really hard to buy for. They already have everything! What could we get them that they’d absolutely love that they don’t already have?! Here are a few ideas.

Sleep Mask

In case you didn’t know, your Dad snores. Mom will LOVE this.

This sleep mask is made of 100% silk on both sides, so it will feel like a dream. A soft filling makes it delicate on Mom’s face, and the included earplugs will keep her safe from noise and getting her full 40 winks whether it’s on a plane, taking a nap, or right next to your snoring Dad.



14K Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Gift the gift of diamonds!

These gorgeous earrings are the perfect gift for Mom, who deserves the absolute best. These are all natural, conflict free diamonds.





Vertical Garden Planter

Grow, grow, grow some plants!

This is for the Mom who loves to garden, OR for the Mom who loves tiny cacti!

This vertical planter holds small plants and/or succulents in any room! This vertical planter doesn’t take up that much space, so Mom can have 3 times the tiny plants in the same space as one planter.

Boom. Triple the plants in the same amount of space.



Bathtub Tray

Give the gift of #selfcare to your Mom this holiday season.

Just imagine soaking in hot water watching your favorite movie or reading your favorite book. This amazing bathtub shelf, allows you to place a glass of wine and a cup of tea or coffee on your bathtub it and enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bath. Relax like a Queen!


Wonder Woman Apron

Your Mom is Wonder Woman. Let’s face it. It’s true.

This holiday season, make her feel like Wonder Woman while she cooks dinner, cleans, or works in the garden.



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