GamerGreen Mobile App: Camera Access

//GamerGreen Mobile App: Camera Access

GamerGreen Mobile App: Camera Access

In order to make the GamerGreen experience more seamless for our users, it is not required that all users allow the GamerGreen app to have access to your phone’s camera.

This update allows you to scan GamerGreen G-Tickets with the mobile app in order to bank your winnings.

You’ll see this message pop up within the app:

Here’s how to allow camera access inside the GamerGreen App:

  • If you are on an iPhone, open settings and scroll down until you see the GamerGreen app. Your apps will be listed down below regular settings, just scroll (they’re usually in alphabetical order).
  • Click on the GamerGreen app and you’ll see settings specifically for this app. Toggle where it says “camera” and that will allow the GamerGreen app to use your camera.

Here’s a video explaining for iOS users: Allow Camera

Here’s a video explaining how to allow access to the camera if you’re on Android:

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