GamerGreen Prizes Rule: Playstation Bundle

//GamerGreen Prizes Rule: Playstation Bundle

GamerGreen Prizes Rule: Playstation Bundle

So, you’ve stacked up your Prize Pagoda coins and now you’re ready to purchase something awesome from the GamerGreen shop. What are you going to get?

Why not save your coins up for the Playstation 4 Bundle? At a whopping 500,000 G-Tickets, the PS 4 Bundle is one of the bigger ticket items in the GamerGreen Store. Don’t worry–the Playstation 4 Bundle is well worth the time, effort and clawing it took to save up those 500,000 G-Tickets.


The Playstation 4 Bundle Includes:

o PlayStation 4 System

Broadcast and celebrate your epic moments at the press of the Share button to Twitch, UStream, Facebook and Twitter on this PS4 500GB console

o DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

o Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle Edition

Connect with your Fire Team and enhance your Destiny Experience with PlayStation Headsets, featuring wireless 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom Audio Modes, and more

o 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial

PSN and PlayStation Plus, gain access to the most socially connected gaming community. Go online to form a Fire Team with fellow Guardians and join massive public battles to reclaim humanity’s future

o HDMI Cable

o Power Cable

o Wired Mono Headset

o USB Charging Cable

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