GamerGreen’s Latest Mystery Offer Is Here!

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GamerGreen’s Latest Mystery Offer Is Here!

GamerGreen has enjoyed the last 3 years with our fans so much, we thought we’d make winning prizes even MORE exciting for you guys.

There’s a few things we’ve learned over the years and one of those things is that y’all LOVE surprises. The Mystery Plush is our most-ordered item along with the Mystery Prize.

You ? mysteries so much we’ve created Mystery G-Tickets!

What does that mean?

Starting in November of 2017, GamerGreen scratch-off tags will now have variable codes on them.

When you scratch the GamerGreen tag, you won’t know how many G-Tickets you’ve won until you enter the code into the GamerGreen App.

Each code will now be worth up to 2,500 G-Tickets!

Instead of playing for 1,000 G-Tickets every time, you’ll have the chance to win 2,500 G-Tickets!

What about mystery machines like Prize Pagoda, Battle for the Claw, and Tickets Galore?

Prize Pagoda, Battle for the Claw, and Tickets Galore game values will remain the same as they are currently.

Prize Pagoda silver coins and Battle of the Claw playing cards will still be worth 1,000 G-Tickets. Prize Pagoda gold coins will still be worth 5,000 G-Tickets. The amount on the Tickets Galore card will still reflect how many G-Tickets each card is worth.

What are the actual values of the codes?

The values range from 250 – 2,500 and every number in between.

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