How can I report a convicted sex offender? 2019-02-24T16:08:03-08:00

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Convicted sex offenders aren’t allowed to use GamerGreen. If you’ve encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender, please report it to us. Make sure you provide one of the following types of information with your report:

  • A link to a listing in a national or state sex offender registry
  • A link to an online news article
  • A link to a court document

Please complete and submit this form below to report a convicted sex offender that has an account on GamerGreen. Once we’re able to confirm someone’s status as a sex offender, we immediately will disable their account on GamerGreen if we are able to find the account by the first and name given.

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  • Unfortunately, we're only able to remove the accounts of convicted sex offenders if we're able to confirm their status with valid documentation. We consider a link to the national sex offender registry, a link to a listing in a state sex offender registry, an online news article or a court document to be valid documentation.
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