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How It Works

Feeling skilled at that claw machine and arcade games? Find the machines that are GamerGreen linked and join our free GamerGreen Arcade rewards program that earns you valuable points (G Tickets) every time you win. Save up and cash in your G-Tickets for gift cards, electronics, and even trips. Plus you’ll be invited to exclusive members-only programs, we love our 629,234 players, including 52,939 orders redeemed using their codes.

Win G-Tickets. Get Prizes.

We know it’s all about the prizes! Luckily, you can now start earning G-Tickets for winning stuff in your favorite claw machines, arcade games…and more places to come (stay tuned)!

Winning & Redeeming For Prizes Is Easy

  • Find Machines – Locate participating locations here on the website or the GamerGreen mobile app.
  • Grab Your Prize – Currently found in all claw machines and arcade games with the GamerGreen logo.
  • Enter Your Code – Found on the item you just won…You’ll find 6 or 7 digit codes and also QR codes (that will need to be scanned with the app).
  • Bank Your G-Tickets – After entering your code, and registering for a FREE account, you’ll see your GamerGreen G-Tickets grow!
  • Redeem – Shop in our online store to choose from hundreds of cool prizes!

Where to get these codes?

  • View our Online Map of our Machine locations.

    * Must be a member to view, so sign up now!

  • You can find our codes on toys and products currently in 33114 machines all 50 states in the US.
  • Don’t see GamerGreen machines in your neighborhood? Request your city NOW!

Be sure to follow our Blog for posts about our growth in marketplaces, and news about new product and partnerships.

Digital prizes such as instant downloads and charitable donations will continue to be offered. Any prize orders will be held in a queue until we are back fulfilling. We feel this is the most responsible decision we can make at this time to serve both our people, this industry, and our community.
For the past 6 years, GamerGreen has served the beloved community, and we acknowledge the almost instant pains that we are all, globally, feeling. The GamerGreen family, including its parent company Bay Tek Entertainment, will take this time to focus on our loved ones, the health of our people and of our business in order to come back when we’re ready to start playing again.
Until then, please stay healthy, stay focused, take time to find the light, and never stop #GGShareTheLove!
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