October GamerGreen Gamer of the Month: Little Green Claw Queen

//October GamerGreen Gamer of the Month: Little Green Claw Queen

October GamerGreen Gamer of the Month: Little Green Claw Queen

Hello GamerGreen friends, please meet Kerrin aka Little Green Claw Queen!

Kerrin joined the GamerGreen Ambassador Program in 2018, after joining the GamerGreen fam in 2017. Kerrin is an incredible positive influence in the GamerGreen Ambassador Group. There is always something nice or supportive coming out of Kerrin’s brain in the group. A wonderful group member, Kerrin is also a boss at the claw machine, and she LOVES the little green aliens from Toy Story!

Here’s what Kerrin had to say about GamerGreen when we caught up with her:

Hey guys! I am so grateful to be the October Gamer of the Month!!!!

🎃🍁🎃🍁Fall is my favorite season along with all the pumpkin flavored goodies and face painting!!!

Being a GamerGreen Ambassador is more than a title. It has given me an opportunity to have a voice to make a difference. I like that we can promote positivity and just in a few words people far and wide can get that message and then share the love further.

Right now I am not working towards a specific prize but I think the Samsung Tablet is pretty nice and I am one click away from getting it. But if they bring back the air fryer in the store I’m getting it!!!

💕💕💕I hope you all take a moment to #ggsharethelove this week and HAPPY FALL 🍁🍁🍁🍁

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