3-D Printer Filament – Gunmetal Silver PLA

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Print like there is no tomorrow.

The COEX 3D filament will work on ANY printer that is built on an FDM or FFF platform.  Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), or Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), is an additive manufacturing process that belongs to the material extrusion family.  In FDM, an object is built by selectively depositing melted material in a pre-determined path layer-by-layer. The materials used are thermoplastic polymers and come in a filament form.  FDM is the most widely used 3D Printing technology: it represents the largest installed base of 3D printers globally and is often the first technology people are exposed to.

PLA filament

PLA filament is a thermoplastic polymer made strictly from renewable resources. PLA, or Poly Lactic Acid, is generated from biodegradable material like cornstarch, potato starch, sugarcane and tapioca roots, and has a smooth, shiny appearance. PLA filament is popular for its ease of use, natural ability to break down and superior print detail capabilities.

Advantages of COEX PLA filament

PLA filament is the most common type of 3D printer filament used.

  • PLA 3D printer filament is the most environment-friendly 3D filament solution.
  • Because of its low toxicity, PLA filament is a very popular choice in the 3D printing community.

This spool has a diameter of 1.75mm and has a weight of 1 kg

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