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Tiny nunchucks that will beat up shoe odor.

  • START NOTICING A DIFFERENCE IN 24 HOURS- Each ShoeStix set is designed to inhibit 99.9 % of odor causing bacteria on the product surface over 24 hours for 10 YEARS, absorb moisture and deodorize your favorite pair of shoes, cleats, boots and skates. Please allow up to 2 weeks for best performance. Certain stink… depending on how old takes longer. Shoes can and should be worn during the deodorizing process. Its the moisture in the shoes that continues to activate the Silver Ions.
  • INHIBITS BACTERIA GROWTH for 10 YEARS – Silver Seal technology infuses the plastic used in ShoeStix with silver ions, silver has natural antimicrobial properties and in the presence of moisture is designed to extinguish the cell walls of the bacteria. Antimicrobial properties last 10 YEARS!
  • ABSORBS MOISTURE- Inside each set of ShoeStix contains replaceable deodorizing and moisture absorbing bags so your boots, shoes and skates dry faster. They are lightly scented with plant based essential oils. Simply change these inserts approx every 6 months (depends on user) to keep them fresh. ShoeStix and their sister product GloveStix are the only CHEMICAL FREE, NON TOXIC deodorizer of its kind.
  • DONT JUST MASK THE SMELL- Award winning technology and only product of its kind that works to PREVENT bacteria from living in your gear and wont just mask the smell IT NEUTRALIZES IT! ShoeStix WILL NOT change the smell of the gear, they simply make it… not smell. Use the same set for 10 YEARS!
  • REMOVABLE HANDLE- Have tall boots that stink? ShoeStix come with a removeable handle to create 2 individual stix that will fit perfectly in taller boots and will reduce the size to fit in a child size 1 shoe and up! Perfect for new or used gear and hard to clean shoes, boots and cleats.

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