Merry Christmas GamerGreen!

Collect 8 Reindeer plush and we’ll send you a special Holiday Gift.

Here’s the scoop:

Win 8 of Santa’s Classic Reindeer.

Next, visit enter your Reindeer G-Tickets on the GamerGreen Mobile App. We will automatically track how many Reindeer G-Tickets you’ve entered, and will let you know when you have entered enough codes to redeem your Holiday Gift.

Don’t worry about visiting a certain link to get your Holiday Gift, our site will automatically know you’ve entered a Reindeer code and send you to the Reindeer Redemption homepage!

Happy Holidays!

Collect 1 of each of the 8 Reindeer plush, or collect 8 of 1 kind of the Reindeer, we don’t care! Just as long as you have 8 Reindeer G-Tickets to enter, you’ll get to redeem your Holiday Gift.

Find a stocked Sugarloaf machine in your area today to get started:

Limit 1 Holiday Gift per user.

*Holiday Gifts will be sent only while supplies last.