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Summer of Love Giveaway

Check-In and Collect Plush to Win Up To 500,000 G-Tickets!

This summer, Sugarloaf and GamerGreen are partnering to bring our players the biggest G-Ticket giveaway in the history of GamerGreen, the Summer of Love Giveaway.

GamerGreen is giving away MILLIONS of G-Tickets to players (that means YOU!) who check-in and collect plush from Sugarloaf machines.

BONUS: There will also be Instant Winners announced every two weeks!

Here’s how it works:

G-Ticket Winners

Check-In Giveaway

The more you check in, the more G-Tickets you’ll have a chance to win! For example, check in 25 times at participating machines before August 31, 2018 and you’ll be entered to win 5,000 G-Tickets.

Check-Ins Number of Winners G-Tickets
20-29 15 5,000
30-39 10 10,000
40-49 5 50,000
50+ 1 100,000


Plush Giveaway

The more GamerGreen codes you enter from Sugarloaf plush, the more G-Tickets you’ll have the chance to win! For example, collect 10 plush between now and August 31, 2018 and you’ll be entered to win 100,000 G-Tickets.

Don’t forget to tag Sugarloaf and GamerGreen in your Instagram photos using #GGSummerofLove! 

Plush Collected Number of Winners G-Tickets
5-9 15 10,000
10-14 10 100,000
15-19 5 250,000
20+ 1 500,000

Instant Winners

From now until August 31, 2018 we will give away $150 Walmart gift card every two weeks to random winners who:

  • Check-in at least 5 times using the GamerGreen app
  • Collect at least 3 plush and enter the GamerGreen code via the GamerGreen app

Winner Announcement

Follow GamerGreen and Sugarloaf on Facebook and Instagram to see if you’re an instant winner. We will be announcing winners on GamerGreen’s Facebook and Instagram, and Sugarloaf’s Facebook and Instagram

Find a stocked Sugarloaf machine in your area today to get started:

*Only one winner per household for Instant Winners, Plush Giveaway and Check-In Giveaway.
*GamerGreen retains the right to deny any person G-Tickets for any reason.

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