That Symbol is a “G” and It Means Money

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That Symbol is a “G” and It Means Money

GamerGreenSquareThe GamerGreen symbol looks lie a symbol you might find on a fortune cookie or on the backside of the Instruction Manual for a children’s toy. If you look closely, that symbol is actually made in the shape of the letter “G”. That symbol stands for money.

An urban term for “one-thousand dollars” is “G”. As in, “There are about a G’s worth of sneakers in that closet.” The term “G” is also used as an endearment for a friend or loved one. When we were creating the GamerGreen brand, we wanted it to become something familiar to our customers. GamerGreen players love us because we’re fun, redemption is easy and GamerGreen gives back to its fans.

Thus, the “G” was born. Once you start collecting and saving “G’s”, you’ll understand the ways in which GamerGreen gives back. “G’s” will buy you a myriad of items from our store. From a box of surprise plush to a Playstation Game Console bundle or a trip to Las Vegas, the GamerGreen redemption system is rewarding.

Earn “G’s” when you play at specially marked claw machines across the country. If you find a GamerGreen code on a plush tag, you’ll earn one “G”. If you find a Prize Pagoda machine in your area, you will find either a SIlver Coin or a Gold coin inside your surprise box. If you find a Silver Coin, you are holding 1 “G” in your hand. Head over to to input your code and pick out the prize of your choice or, save up your silver coins to win something awesome like a trip to Las Vegas! If you are a really lucky claw machine player, you might find a Gold Coin in one of the surprise boxes which is worth 5 “G’s”! These illustrious Gold Coins are much harder to find, but they’re out there!

All in all, the green asian-influenced symbol you see on our website and Facebook stands for money, money for your pocket to put towards an awesome prize redeemable online.

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