Meet GamerGreen Gamer of the Month : Courtney Lopez

By |March 1st, 2018|

Hello GamerGreen friends, please meet Courtney Lopez!

Courtney joined the GamerGreen Ambassador Program in 2018, but has been a GamerGreen player since 2016. We’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Courtney over the past month and she ROCKS.

We decided Courtney should be our Gamer of the Month because she works hard, helps us #GGShareTheLove very […]

The GamerGreen Ambassador Class of 2015!

By |April 5th, 2016|

It’s that time of year where we welcome a brand new class of GamerGreen Ambassadors and take time to thank past ambassadors from the bottom of our green hearts.

Thank you, GamerGreen Class of 2015, for being the inaugural class of GamerGreen Ambassadors and setting the bar incredibly high for upcoming Ambassadors who have some big […]

Welcome Our GamerGreen Ambassadors!

By |March 20th, 2015|

We have chosen our first GamerGreen Ambassadors!  These gamers are a part of a very special group of GamerGreen enthusiasts who will represent GamerGreen online and help us spread the word about how GamerGreen works and where our new machines are located. Our Ambassador Team come from all parts of the country and are united by […]

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