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The Future of Gaming Is Here for Android!

By | 2017-06-07T20:43:36+00:00 June 8th, 2017|Gamers, Gaming, Industry| In an age where claw machines are few and far between, one man embarks on a journey to find The Last Claw and much to his surprise, it comes with more than he could imagine.   All-New GamerGreen App for Android   Welcome to the future of gaming. The all-new GamerGreen Mobile [...]

GamerGreen Launches SMS Notifications

By | 2015-03-26T12:09:59+00:00 March 25th, 2015|Entertainment Vending Industry, Gaming|

Today we've launched a new feature for our GamerGreen players when a new GamerGreen enabled machine is placed in their area, they can choose to receive an SMS or Email notification. When a new machine location is placed on our Machine Locator map, we also send an alert (Email/SMS) to our users that are within [...]

Running on device other than iPhone/iPad.