As you may have heard, Luck of the Claw is the latest offering of prizes from GamerGreen and National Entertainment Network (NEN). The creative minds that brought you Prize Pagoda have created a fun, new offering for fans of NEN’s Treasure Shoppe machine. Find these new Luck of the Claw prizes in NEN’s existing Treasure Shoppe machines as an addition to their stellar Treasure Shoppe offerings.

The Lowdown

Scoop up a Luck of the Claw prize in the Treasure Shoppe by grabbing up a Luck of the Claw pillow box. When you win one of these pillow boxes and open up a Luck of the Claw prize, you’ll find a really cool playing card with a GamerGreen code on it.

These greatest part about these new Luck of the Claw playing cards is that they are worth 1,000 G-Tickets. That’s double the number of G-Tickets found on a Prize Pagoda Silver coin! Create an account if you haven’t already, bank your G-Tickets in your virtual wallet, and hit the Shop to redeem your G-Tickets for excellent prizes.

Where to Find Luck of the Claw

Luck of the Claw prizes can be found inside NEN’s Treasure Shoppe machines anywhere NEN machines are located. This means if you already have a Sugarloaf Treasure Shoppe in your area, you’re going to get Luck of the Claw prizes!

Luck of the Claw playing cards are already placed in over 2,000 machines across America and we are adding new machines to our Map of Locations every day, so be on the lookout for these brand new prizes!