WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Summer of Love Giveaway

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WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Summer of Love Giveaway

Summer of Love Winners Announced!

This summer, Sugarloaf and GamerGreen partnered to bring our players the biggest G-Ticket giveaway in the history of GamerGreen, the Summer of Love Giveaway.

GamerGreen gave away MILLIONS of G-Tickets to players who checked-in and collected plush from Sugarloaf machines.

BONUS: There were Instant Winners announced every two weeks!

Were You A Winner?

Check-In Giveaway

The following 15 users won 5,000 G-Tickets for checking in between 20-29 times: 

Julie Lack
Jason Williams
Tony Ceng
James Brown
Brandon Hamby
Christina Thong
Debi Schatz
Eric Rieken
The Arcade Dad
Christie Scantland
Nateasha Bingham
Jason Sheehan

The following 10 users won 10,000 G-Tickets for checking in between 30-39 times:

Megan Grob
Ryan Williams
Ryan Wimmers
Joshua Belton
Boogie Bush
Stacy Ronk
Stephanie DeForrest
John Gutz

The following 5 users won 50,000 G-Tickets for checking in between 40-49 times:

Scott W.
Chase Kline
C.J. Saputo
Lea Wrldsprpssmst
Aaron Freeze

Our Grand Prize Check-In Winner won 100,000 G-Tickets for checking in over 50 times:

Slade Darrin


Plush Giveaway

The following 15 users won 10,000 G-Tickets for collecting between 5-9 plush:

Nancy Chano
Tonya McBride
Stephanie Purdy
Katherine Towle
Richard Pfeifer
Aila Revis
Michael Mathiot

The following 10 users won 100,000 G-Tickets for collecting between 10-14 plush:

Denise Pirollo
Christopher Marshall
Jacqueline Rubio
Jeremiah Hinton
Ally Snuggle
Emily Butcher
Chris Haley

The following 5 users won 250,000 G-Tickets for collecting between 15-19 plush:

Matt Tackett
Tuong Le

Our Grand Prize Plush Winner won 500,000 G-Tickets for collecting over 20 plush:


If you are a winner, your G-Tickets have already been added to your account!

Log in to the GamerGreen mobile app to see your new balance!

Follow GamerGreen and Sugarloaf on Facebook and Instagram to find even more giveaways throughout the year. GamerGreen can be found on Facebook and Instagram, and Sugarloaf on Facebook and Instagram. 

Find a stocked Sugarloaf machine in your area today to get started:

*Only one winner per household for Instant Winners, Plush Giveaway and Check-In Giveaway.
*GamerGreen retains the right to deny any person G-Tickets for any reason.
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